Real Czech MASNA
with cooked meals.
You can find us in
Kozí Street in the
Old Town of Prague.

špekáčky zdrávas
Since 2011

Everything you wanted to know about our Masna.

This Masna will make you happy again.
You won’t find better and fresher meat,
sausages and deli from local suppliers.
That’s the way it is.
We are not just butcher’s. We are a shop where you can find carefully selected meats from proven breeders and sausages of the highest quality. We have our own range of Masna products that you won’t find anywhere else. Looking for anything else? Here, you can buy delicious cheeses, crispy pickles, olives, cider ... and maybe we’ll bake a marble cake too. We are a butcher’s in which we break our back to get you a wild boar or little chicken for a French feast. We know you have too much to do, so we’ll prepare a cold cuts platter for your grandfather’s celebration in an hour. We are the reason to stop going to the supermarket.

A buffet, which would even your mum like.

A Czech classic that doesn’t go out of fashion. A place so nice that you will go here on a date. Here you’ll get addictive meat loaf and schnitzel and you won’t spend a fortune on it.
From early morning, you will get here such meals as in the times of president Masaryk. For breakfast, fragrant sausages, for snack a true tripe soup, for lunch a fabulous pork with cabbage and dumplings and for dinner a beef roll that has no competition. You don’t have to wait for a waiter here. In our buffet we try to revive the atmosphere of the canteens, where you can eat your “Vlašák” with roll standing.

What did we prepare for you?

23. 06. 2024
24. 06. 2024
25. 06. 2024
Today, it’s your turn.
During the weekends and holidays we unwind.
We are happy to see you every weekday.
You can order your lunch
by phone at +420 255 795 404.
Then just come pick it
up at our shop.


Frankfurter sausage soup
48 Kč
48 Kč

Main courses

Beef goulash, potato rösti
168 Kč
Potato gnocchi with cheese sauce and pork
165 Kč
Fried cauliflower, potatoes, Tartar sauce
163 Kč

All day long

Meatloaf in a bun
76 Kč
Sausage, horseradish, mustard, bread
88 Kč
Hot dog
35 Kč
Warm sausages, mustard, horseradish, bread
88 Kč
Fried cheese in house-made bun, Tartar sauce
130 Kč
Fried meat patty with cheese in a bun, Tartar sauce
144 Kč
Talian sausages, mustard, horseradish, bread
115 Kč
Masna burger of the day
188 Kč


Ham and eggs, bread
88 Kč
Butcher´s breakfast - 3 kinds of sausages, selection of ham and cheese, scrambled eggs, bread, limonade
256 Kč
Scrambled eggs, bread
77 Kč
Egg omelette with cheese, bread
88 Kč


Hubertus light beer 0.5 litres
25 Kč
Hubertus premium lager beer 0.5 litres
25 Kč
Hubertus non-alcoholic beer 0.5 litres
25 Kč
Kamenická 12 lager beer 0.5 litres
45 Kč
Kamenická IPA 15 beer 0.5 litres
45 Kč
Kamenická semi-dark lager beer 13, 0.5 litres
45 Kč
Fruit juice 300 ml - various kinds
39 Kč
Cider Rychnovský 0.33 liters 4.5% alc. - various kinds
38 Kč
Still water, glass bottle, 0.5 litres
35 Kč
Lemonade - flavor of the day 0.5 litres
30 Kč
Goulash, schnitzel or duck with five?
What will be good today?
Hold on! The offer will be here any minute.
All our meals can contain all 14 allergens.
For details, ask our staff. The prices are contractual.

Having the right contacts is essential.

Do you have anything to say to us?
Come to see us, write us or call us. Also, we will be happy to advise you with the meat selection and most of all, we won’t be sour.
Kozí ulice 9
Old Town
Praha 1

Mon–Fri 7.00–18.00

Mon–Fri 7.00–19.00
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